Meet me!

Hi! My name is Lorely Zoé Figueroa Ortiz and I’m the CEO & owner of YOONIK. I study psychology and mental and I’m from the south of Puerto Rico.

When I was in 4th or 5th grade my parents bought a computer and even though my siblings and I used it for homework, we also used it to entertain ourselves. My brother, watched anime and I would chime in and sit next to him to watch it too (even though I didn’t grasp what was really going on and made a lot of questions). 

Time went by and as I matured I began to have a deeper understanding of the stories and characters, which made me fall in love with anime. Since then, I’ve watched many and read some mangas. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bragging or suggesting I know it all, as any other person I simply enjoy it. 

A few months ago my sister gave me a gift and it was some pretty stickers, quickly to my mind came the thought: “I want some anime stickers for my Yeti” and to my surprise I couldn’t find any local store that sold them. I didn’t decide immediately, I gave it a lot of thought because as any other person I have responsibilities that requiere much of my time. 

Finally, I decided that the worst that could happen would be to not have customers and’s not that bad compared to multi millionaire failures😜 Every one wants to exceed in what they do, specifically me. For this reason, I planned launching for approximately two months. 

I began on September 15 and I couldn’t be happier. I’ve received support from many of you, I’ve sold stickers and I’m more than grateful for every person that follows and likes my content on social media.

Originally, we were called ESTIKERS, but after 5 months I took the brave decision to change it and rebrand. Now, we’re called YOONIK (pronounced as unique) which represents the #YOONIKNESS of this brand and the community that has risen. 

I feel very blessed & I thank every supporter from the bottom of my heart.

With love,